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Rostelecom Cup 2021 Preview: Russia’s Cup Runneth Over

The 2021 Grand Prix series closes out its regular events this weekend with Rostelecom Cup, aka the Cup of Russia. This year's installment will take place in Sochi, Russia, in the same venue used for the 2014 Winter Olympics, making it the second former Olympic venue to host a Grand Prix event this season after the Torino Palavela hosted the Grand Premio d'Italia. Can you tell it's an Olympic season?

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Internationaux de France 2021 Preview

We're reaching the closing stages of the 2021 Grand Prix and the picture for the Final is coming more and more into focus. Quite a few skaters could punch their ticket to Osaka this weekend and some will surely face bitter disappointment. Fortunately, we still have full fields in every discipline rather than the plethora if injuries that plagued NHK, so hopefully the most dramatic part of the event will be finding out what strange prize the French skating federation will be giving out in place of real medals this year. I'm guessing it won't be nearly as fun as the giant blocks of cheese medalists recieved in Italy, but there's always something surprising about the event organization at the French Grand Prix.

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Gran Premio d’Italia Recap

It's the halfway point of Grand Prix season and with most skaters having competed in at least one event, we're starting to get a clearer picture of how the rest of the season might play out. Italy managed to put on a great event on short notice, complete with real-looking medals better than anything IdF has given out in the past few years and massive blocks of cheese for the winners. Let's rundown the top finishers of this weeks event and how they stack up against the rest of the field.

Event Previews

Skate America 2021 Preview: Ice Dance

What to Watch The top US dance teams will be facing off early this year, with the gold medal most likely going to Hubbell/Donohue or Chock/Bates. The two teams are always within a few points of each other and have been trading the American #1 spot back and forth over the past few seasons and… Continue reading Skate America 2021 Preview: Ice Dance