World Team Trophy 2021: Event Preview

Although the World Championships were just three weeks ago, there are still some notable storylines to keep an eye on at World Team Trophy this week. First are the safety concerns of hosting the event as coronavirus cases in Osaka continue to rise, which we’ve already gone over, so for this final preview, let’s focus on the sporting elements of the weekend. Continue reading World Team Trophy 2021: Event Preview

2021 Worlds: Olympic Spots on the Line

In an extremely questionable move from the International Skating Union, this week’s World Championships will still be used to decide Olympic qualifying spots for the 2022 Winter Games, despite the pandemic impacting athlete training and comfort travelling to the event. Ethical concerns aside for a moment, let’s take a look at how spots are awarded and how qualifications might shake out across the four disciplines. Continue reading 2021 Worlds: Olympic Spots on the Line

Mixing it Up: 2021 Russian Cup Final Recap

The 2021 Russian Cup Final was officially the culmination of the Russian Cup series which began in September, but in reality, became a final face-off between two or three skaters fighting for one of the last tickets to the World championships next month. So, how did it go and who will be representing the Russian team that can’t actually be called Russia? Continue reading Mixing it Up: 2021 Russian Cup Final Recap

Preview – Russian Cup Final

Russian Cup Final this week will be the last domestic competition of the season (please, it has to be, I can’t take any more). And as far as we know, some results from this competition will determine entries for Worlds, but the Russian Federation has not been very forthcoming about which spots are already set. So, what’s on the line this weekend? Continue reading Preview – Russian Cup Final